"Everything new is born out of the death of something old."

MONOGLOSSIA is an experimental computer music duo composed of ARYABHATA & LORD LINGAM, who's sounds can be best described as a forever slow evolving endless form of abstract creations. The duo dabbles in cinematic overtones and bass heavy undertones, which provoke an emotional response and morph meaning between creator and listener.

"For some, music has become a disposable art. The idea behind what we are doing is creating music that steps outside of that boundary, giving it more aural space so people have more of an environmental connection to it."

Based in Australia and India, the duo have founded MONOGLOSSIA MUSIC, an independent audiovisual record label under their name as a platform for their own releases. The MONOGLOSSIA imprint has no predetermined borders or boundaries besides their aim to release great and interesting music.

"Listening to our music, is an act of surrendering. For us, it's not the destination that matters. It's the change in atmospheres and textures that interest us, we want to hear music that we wish existed. Where music conveys mood. A balancing acts between sound and vision."

The duo releases music with audiophiles, DJs, filmmakers, visual artists, photographers and other creative folks in mind. The music is made primarily but not exclusively with computers, recorders and controllers as the instruments.

"We are currently working on our extended play (EP) entitled "I Am A Camera.""

Picture music. New tracks will be varied and made when time allows with no pressure or commitments. MONOGLOSSIA MUSIC is a not for profit record label, and will use any income from music sales to fund new recording projects and future releases.

This website is being updated. Only a small selection of work is presented here so far; more will be added in the next few weeks.

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